Annabel Emson

Emson’s paintings are experimential performances on the relationship between the inner psychological terrain and the outside materialist world; through mark making and the language of paint she creates doorways into autobiographical landscapes that allow her to visually inhabit both worlds. Her paintings visualize bursts of energy and movement. One of the most striking features is that these compositions do not have a clear bottom or top. The work addresses fundamental thoughts on communion and belonging; creating an intimate common bond with her viewer; they are still, silent open relationships through which she is dialoguing.

B. 1975, Annabel Emson currently lives in Chichester, she completed her BA at Chelsea College of Art and her MA at The Slade School of Art.
She studied directly under Peter Doig, Chris Ofili and Bruce Mclean.
Her work is currently held in a number of public and private international collections and museums including the Saatchi Collection, Burger Collection, Sachs Collection, Gmurzynska Collection, De Fundatie Collection, Schwarzenbach collection.