Call it Sleep

Elena Beelaerts

From 04-10-2010 Until 07-11-2010

Marian Cramer Projects is delighted to announce Elena Beelaerts’ first
presentation of her animation Call it Sleep along with recent drawings and

Born in the Netherlands in 1971, Elena Beelaerts has exhibited in many
places, among which the Drawing Centre and Clementine Gallery New
York, Jos Nigeria, the Laguna Art Museum, LA

In her highly detailed drawings she treats traditional subjects in
unorthodox ways.

Beelaerts’ work references the human body. Her work focuses in absurd
ways on it’s more intimate parts, both visible and invisible. Dark and
cheerfully it addresses the questions of life: birth and death, intimacy
and fear, disease and decay (the interaction between humans and the
unmanageable world of microbes).

Her compositions grow from both preparatory and underlying drawings.
Found objects, a molar, a toy tree, clothes, fragments of photographs are
encompassed in her work, that grows from 2D to 2,5D and 3D. She has
now started animation, which brings in the factors of time, movement and

The animation Call it Sleep is a portrait of her father.