Mariah Ferrari – GROUP HUG

From 13-11-2021 Until 18-12-2021



This will be the first Solo Show and the first time multiple of Mariah Ferrari’s figures will be in the same room, coming together as a group, and reaching out towards each other giving her figures a light hearted quality and friendliness as well.

Group hug gives brings an immediate sensory memory and of multiple figures wrapped around one another, similar to how Ferrari’s figures are wrapped around themselves.

By creating contorted figures born through models, Ferrari generates dualities of human presence and simulated reality. As human beings, we navigate space with our bodies through movement and touch. The figures are deconstructed to perform only these functions, relying on body language, and form connection to create content. Using hyperreal color and light, I push the plausibility of both the figure and the ground. Water elements present in the painting bring a sense of familiarity to the viewer, promoting a believable reality while every element remains artificial. This challenges our perception of the human experience both in actuality and simulation, calling into question the sensory event of being alive.


Mariah Ferrari b. 1996, USA

2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting & Drawing) with Minor in Art History, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Mariah Ferrari has been published in New American Paintings Midwest Issue #149, Friends of the Artist Volume 12, & Art Maze Magazine Spring Edition Issue 12


Works and lives in Milwaukee, WI, USA