From 05-10-2013 Until 03-11-2013

Marian Cramer Projects is proud to present, “I’M NOT IN THE MOOD” a solo exhibition by the London artist Joe Frazer (b 1983). Joe Frazer, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy in London was chosen as one of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013. He previously studied Art & Art History Goldsmiths College 2002-2005 and was a guest student in Mark Leckey’s Film Class, Hfbk Staedelschule, Frankfurt 2008-2009.

Working predominately in sculpture, Frazer makes elegant sculptures using a variety of materials and processes. The works act as autobiographical surrogates, repeated fashionings towards counterfeit mug-shots of the artist and his desires. Measured flamboyancy, particular embellishments and flirtations take centre stage.

Bartleby’s “I’d prefer not to” by Herman Melville plays an important role in the exhibition, seeing it as an attempt for him to be placed outside of judgment. A kind of nonchalant shrug; the title can be seen as a sexual advance being denied.

I’M NOT IN THE MOOD”’ is a new body of work, whereas with the previous work the image has been painted or screen printed onto the surface of the woven fabrics, thus referencing their materiality with the stitches penetrating through the surface. The Ribstop flourescent polyester fabric, used predominantly in watersports for its water resistant/light weight/stain proof quality, has been embroidered with sprays of paint creating the gesture of the human action. The human stain becomes embedded within.

Frazer considered the previous body of work for his RA Schools graduation show as a type of boy band: his imagined men posing for him nonchalantly. For Joe Frazer, these current pieces operate differently. “It’s another act of putting on a show”. Frazer sees these new panels as a set of moods: a scenario for the “cute one” and the “best dancer” to pose and sweat in.

For “I’M NOT IN THE MOOD” Frazer will exhibit photographs from his series “shade”; glow in the dark reminiscent 1980s dance parties painted onto a naked male model. The painted shapes highlights the artists touch and also particular parts of the body.

Recent group exhibitions include “Open Heart Surgery” (15th Oct-23rd Nov 2013), The Moving Museum, London, “Stopped Clocks in Places of Busyness”, Fold Gallery, London and “Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013”, Spike Island, Bristol & ICA, London, “Premiums Interim Projects”, 2012, 6 Burlington Gardens, London , “Boyfriend Material”, 8 Egerton Garden Mews, 2011

Joe Frazer works and lives in London.

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