Focus & Family

Siyue Pan

From 01-07-2012 Until 26-08-2012

Laatste weekend om werk van Siyue Pan te zien: zaterdag 25 augustus 14-17 uur!

Focus & Family

Second solo with new work by Siyue Pan 1974, awaiting her Dutch visa to be with her American husband already living in the Netherlands. She is teaching herself Dutch in Southern China while looking after her aging parents and going to Art School. In her new body of works Pan reflects on daily life and the commitments one faces.

For Siyue Pan the important thing in life is not location, but the direction one is facing, who you are and what you are doing. Temporary and spatial distances are not a problem. The point is whether your thoughts have distance.

‘Wherever I am, the direction I am facing is family, the direction of family is love, the direction of love is belief.’