From 12-07-2023 Until 16-07-2023

Xian Kim

Xian Kim’s artistic process involves reimagining familiar living things and everyday objects, transforming them into still life creations with a texture reminiscent of plastic. By distilling the essence of objects and eliminating extraneous details, Xian Kim invites us to contemplate a pure and simplified representation of reality. Through her artistic vision, she constructs an idyllic realm untouched by the complexities of everyday life, offering a serene refuge where we can temporarily forget our concerns and embrace a peaceful existence.


Ryan Browning

Ryan Browning’s artistic endeavors encompass a captivating fusion of his vivid storytelling and a profound, awe-inspiring journey. His creations emanate a gratifying allure, stemming from a persistent source that fuels his artistic process. Drawing inspiration from the media that shaped his formative years – cartoons, early video games, and even the rich tapestry of art history – Browning’s work breathes life into his own descriptive narratives. Notably, Browning holds a degree in Art History.

Having grown up immersing himself in role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Browning finds a natural inclination towards crafting narratives that transcend traditional textual forms. In this mode of creative expression, the essential elements subtly weave their way into the storytelling process, assuming ephemeral or flexible roles that gradually unveil their significance. Although initially focused on painting, Browning’s artistic evolution has kindled a burgeoning desire to translate these elements into three-dimensional forms and explore their materiality.