As a ten year old child, Arjen started copying paintings of the Old Masters. He studied the techniques of for instance Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruysdael, and was fascinated by the works of Picasso, Dali and Condo. He was also intrigued by the ethnographic art.
As a gifted violin player he studied at the Conservatory of Utrecht. After his Master degree Arjen was asked to become professor at the same institute. Simultaneously Arjen kept painting and sketching while searching for his own unique style. At the start of the Covid pandemic it felt like the idea matured enough to transform them into paintings. Works of him were included in the online misa.artmarket of König Gallery, and the coming months works will be part of upcoming shows of e.g. the Droste Gallery in Paris, Août Gallery in Beirut, Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, USA, Marian Cramer projects in Amsterdam and Avenue des Arts Gallery in Los Angeles.