Marian Cramer

out here

by Daniel Lipp

From 07-09-2019 To 20-11-2019



Marian Cramer is pleased to present out here, Daniel Lipp’s third solo exhibition at the gallery.

For out here Lipp has made paintings on aluminium panels. These densely layered works bring together digitally printed photography and painterly gestures in acrylic, enamel and pigmented resin.

Interested in his immediate environment and the people who populate it, Lipp photographs and collects objects and materials, all of which he compresses in his paintings, creating highly sensitive representations of his surroundings. Through the use of collage and assemblage Lipp stitches together different registers of time, countering the factual nature of photography with a poetic reality of his own.

Daniel Lipp, born 1982 Liestal, Switzerland, lives and works in London.



by Daniel Lipp

From 02-10-2019 To 06-10-2019

Art The Hague | 2-6 October 2019 | Booth # 24

Daniel Mullen

Hideki Iinuma

Daniel Lipp

David Lindberg 

Annabel Emson

Daniel Mullen, 76-04, 150x140cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Art The Hague
Fokker Terminal
Binckhorstlaan 249
2516 BB  Den Haag

Daniel Lipp

by Daniel Lipp

From 13-05-2017 To 17-06-2017


For Never Knowing Nowhere, Lipp presents a new series of works on panels, which combine painting, drawing and photography.

The works start out as abstract gestural paintings over which Lipp applies intricate patterns in thin tape. The panels are then fed through an industrial sized flatbed printer, where a photographic image from a digital file is printed on to the surface of the painting. When the panels arrive back at the studio, the masking tape is removed, partly revealing the underlying painting.

The resulting works are complex layered images, folding different registers of time and depictions of various spatial realities together. The geometrical patterns and gestural marks both efface the photographic images and stitch them together, resulting in seemingly unstable images, oscillating between different planes.

Moving from one work to the next we encounter a fragmented narrative in which we see figures passing through transient spaces shifting between interior and exterior.

Several works depict an ornate medieval iron screen, displayed at a museum in London. Lipp has gone back time and again to photograph this object and the museum visitors passing beyond. In ‘Never Knowing Nowhere’ he is using it as a recurring motif, reminding us of the never ending circularity of thought and action.

Daniel Lipp lives and works in London. Lipp (born Liestal, Switzerland, 1982) is a 2013 graduate of the Royal Academy Schools, London and Goldsmiths College, University of London.

He was awarded the Selina Chenevière Fellowship Prize, 2014

Recent solo exhibitions include (Upcoming) Amsterdam Art Fair 2017,   ‘5 Alumni Royal Academy Schools London, 2015-2016, Marian Cramer Projects, SUNDAY ART FAIR, Southard Reid, 2015, Mountain Years, UNSEEN Photo Festival 2015, FOMO, Marian Cramer Projects, 2015, London, Itch, Midori Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2015, Mountain Years, Royal Academy, London, UK, 2015, SLOWMO DRAMA, Southard Reid, London, 2014-2015


by Daniel Lipp

From 06-06-2015 To 30-07-2015





Acronym from “fear of missing out”


Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.










Marian Cramer Projects is pleased to present FOMO, a solo show of new work by Daniel Lipp

For FOMO Lipp has made assemblages utilizing images of a cast of characters in states of passivity, refusal or relaxation. These images are combined with highly finished fragments of objects alluding to either industrial utilitarian design or the warmer language of domestic and decorative objects.       Spills of pigmented resin, oxidized copper and sun damaged packing foam are here materials, which refer to usage and the body, as well as gestures from art history and particularly modern painting.

The exhibition is accompanied by a poem by Charles Veyron.









Daniel Lipp (born Liestal, Switzerland, 1982) lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Itch, Midori Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, Mountain Years, Royal Academy, London, UK,               SLOWMO DRAMA, Southard Reid, London, UK


Daniel Lipp