Marian Cramer

by David Lindberg

From 16-05-2020 To 13-06-2020

Founded in 2010, Marian Cramer Projects is focused on showing work by emerging and mid-career, mainly international artists who work across media ranging from painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Located in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, a part of my home has been turned into a gallery space aiming to spur discussion and create a deeper connection to the artwork organizing various events, such as lectures, talks with artists and special master classes bringing like-minded people together.

Always open by appointment!

Cathrin Hoffmann

Arno Beck

Thomas Langley

David Lindberg

Daniel Mullen

Cathrin Hoffmann, There’s a portal on the other side? 2020

Charcoal and Gel Medium on Hahnemühle Paper 29,7 cm x 42 cm 

Arno Beck,

Untitled, 2020 

acrylic ink on canvas 

50 x 60 cm,  unique 

Thomas Langley, Mummy’s Boy (Pink with Yellow Text)  2020

oil bar, acrylic and oil on birch ply 60 x 40 cm

David Lindberg, Decade, 2020

Resin, pigment, multiplex 59 x 75 cm

Daniel Mullen 27-97 (Diptych) 2020

205 x 220 en 205 x 220 cm


Daniel Mullen, Days of the week, 2020

by David Lindberg

From 02-10-2019 To 06-10-2019

Art The Hague | 2-6 October 2019 | Booth # 24

Daniel Mullen

Hideki Iinuma

Daniel Lipp

David Lindberg 

Annabel Emson

Daniel Mullen, 76-04, 150x140cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Art The Hague
Fokker Terminal
Binckhorstlaan 249
2516 BB  Den Haag

Group show with represented artists

by David Lindberg

From 13-01-2019 To 23-02-2019

Painting, photography, video & sculpture


works by: Peter Bogers, Hideki Iinuma, Thomas Langley & David Lindberg

Hideki Iinuma

Anna, 2009

H 65x20x21cm




by David Lindberg

From 21-04-2018 To 16-06-2018


David Lindberg (Des Moines, 1964) investigates materials and how they behave, strictly in the tradition of American Minimalism, in which it is the material itself, in his case epoxy resin, that defines the form. In his works he uses clear resins and pigments, transformed into glossy multi-coloured surfaces; he does not use any moulds or tools, only his hands and non-professional implements, attributing great importance to handcrafting and spontaneity. Colours crystallised into glossy surfaces or little drops have all the transparency of sky and water, while shapes become something else, moving constantly back and forth between painting and sculpture.                                                                                  

After moving from the Netherlands in 2014, David Lindberg lived in Milan for a year, where he had three solo exhibitions. He then then moved to New York and found a studio in Brooklyn. Sunset Science is an exhibit of new small artworks as mental moments – some special intimate short state of mind from his Brooklyn studio, and a few works from his Amsterdam storage.  

De galerie is open op afspraak van maandag t/m zaterdag 11-18 u / The Gallery is open by appointment Monday to Saturday 11am-6pm

David Lindberg

(Off site) David Lindberg at LUMC, commission in Beeldentuin

The Beeldentuin is open daily

November 8th - January 6th 2013 David Lindberg will have a soloshow at LUMC alongside this work.


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