Güler Ates

Güler Ates

From 07-02-2021 Until 08-02-2021

The title UNFOLD refers to unknown identities in her character that is the central theme in her work. Who is this person? What stories is she unfolding? What commentary does she make with her gestures and body language at the Museum Van Loon? And where is her place in the art and architectural histories of the West and the East?

The Veil is a garment or fabric as much as a concept that becomes theatrical in her work. Sometimes it becomes a form, a metaphor, a mystery, invisible, silence or holiness. It is a language that she employs in her work that also becomes poetic, revealing and concealing the body. The history of the veil goes back as far as to Mesopotamia, where it is believed the practice of veiling started in the higher ranks of society. Drapery has been a very important theme in art history from the ancient Greeks to contemporary art in 21st century. Drapery embodies the concept of representation or absence of the body.

Güler Ates
The Waves an She I
Archival digital print