Rodrigo Garcia Dutra

Hidden Nature (Chisei)

From 03-09-2016 Until 12-11-2016

Exetended until November 12th

Hidden Nature (Chisei)

“A horizon where the perspective was not three-dimensional but multidimensional in bright shades of yellow, gold and white contours. Geometric shapes in the same shades moved elegantly like a dance where the arms completed perpendicular circles in a gentle rhythm.” Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, 2015

Marian Cramer Projects presents the second solo exhibition in Amsterdam by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra (Rio de Janeiro, 1981). In the Brazilian neo-concrete tradition of artists, Art and Life are not separated but assumes an intricate web of relations among subjects and experiences. The artist spent time in the Amazon rainforest and participated in ayahuasca ceremonies. He was mostly interested in the Shipibo tribe’s geometric patterns as energetic weavings translated into shape and color and without knowing he was led to layers of old civilizations, buildings, geometric forms and architectures of light. For the ‘Hidden Nature’ show he persists with painting and geometric abstraction as a core investigation that unfolds into architecture and collective unconsciousness. He relates to the Brazilian artist Lygia Pape, through Carl Jung archetypes, dealing with ancestral images of the unconsciousness. In his video “Fluidics II” the translation of Lygia Pape’s description of her book of creation is combined with other images giving it a new perspective. Shandeinaum, the sound piece in the show is collaboration with his brother, Matheus Garcia Dutra, using sounds recorded in the Amazon. There’s also a text by Madelon Van Schie made through conversations with the artist and a downloadable PDF of his own text and images.

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Reino Abstrato V, Reino Abstrato VII and Reino Abstrato VIII (2016), oil on canvas