“A World Wandering In The Middle Of The Sky” Mathilda Marque Bouaret

From 22-04-2023 Until 24-06-2023

OPENING: Saturday 22 April 2023 between 4-6 PM in presence of the artiste.

Location: Chopinstraat 31, 1077 GM Amsterdam

Marian Cramer Projects is pleased to present the first Solo Show in the gallery of French painter Mathilda Marque Bouaret (Toulouse, 1992) who was recently listed as one of the 50 young upcoming French young artists in the French magazine L’oeil.

In the exhibition titled “A world wandering in the middle of the sky”, after a quote from Guy de Maupassant’s “Le Horla”, Marque Bouaret will be presenting a body of works in which the sky is omnipresent. To Mathilda the sky is the space where the sun lives and from where it sometimes looks at us with emotion.

Mathilda Marque Bouaret (Toulouse,1992) belongs to a generation that has chosen painting to describe their dreams. On canvas, cardboard, metal or brick, Mathilda Marque Bouaret’s paintings have in common a curious form of strangeness accentuated by an apparent awkwardness. They are uncomfortable images, they emanate from a dreamlike world where characters, more or less deformed, are frozen in postures both familiar and bizarre. She seeks, she says, to surprise herself. One understands the uneasiness that can arise from the situations that the artist stages. The light, the colors, the forms depicted in these paintings carry the mark of facticity that the bodies only reinforce. They open onto eccentric visions or small scenes that make the ordinary slip away – breaking the rules of perspective.

Mathilda Marque Bouaret lives and works in Toulouse



Sans titre (narines), 2021
peinture à l’huile sur toile tendue sur châssis
33 x 47 cm

Photograph: Damian Aspe