Offsite Location VRIJ PALEIS Amsterdam

From 20-05-2022 Until 22-05-2022


Join us at VRIJ PALEIS, Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam

20 -22 May 2022 

Open Daily: 11 am – 8 pm

Since the late 1970’s the NRChandelsblad complex, renamed VRIJ PALEIS, was squatted and in the eighties Pieter Giele and David Veldhoen started their illustrious gallery Amok/Aorta there. It has been an artists stronghold in the centre of Amsterdam ever since. 

Explore new paintings by Jack Shure from his Solo Show DAD BOD, 

presented in tandem with works by Jim Mooijekind and 

a preview of paintings by Lotte Keijzer for her upcoming Solo SHITUATIONS.

The game-changing, cathartic experience of becoming a parent triggered Jack Shure to develop a body of work that serves as an ode to this cosmic adventure. Although the most natural happening for all living beings, the event never fails to feel like a mysterious act in which the universe shows its powerful magic in the most apparent form. Proving all the cliches to be awfully true, the creation of new life sends the mind spinning into new directions, prompting the examination of never-before considered scenarios and questioning of completely unknown feelings or realizations. And the series of paintings comprising DAD BOD, which the Colorado-based artist is presenting at Marian Cramer projects in Amsterdam, is the visual byproduct of the self-observations of the consequent physical and emotional changes.

Defining the situation as “a moment of life concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and a game of events,” the mid-20th Situationist International was focused on how capitalism manufactures false desires. Derived primarily from libertarian Marxism and the avant-garde art movements such as Dada and Surrealism, it critiqued the spectacle created through ubiquitous advertising and the glorification of accumulated capital, while celebrating pursuing authentic desires, experiencing the feeling of life and adventure, and the general liberation of everyday life. And some 60 years later, Lotte Keijzer is introducing a body of paintings that portray the other, universally unpopular side of that authentic everyday life, with her debut solo show Shituations which will be on view at Marian Cramer Projects in Amsterdam from June 11th.


Jim Mooijekind works from themes he find hard to grasp. Abstract concepts like his emotions , psychology, art as whole & his position within the arts. He symbolizes these abstract observations in a figurative cartoonesk matter. In this realm of symbolism there is world created where The Epic and mundane can co-exist in an equal way. Male pattern baldness as a Memento Mori, And a plank leaning on a stick Symbolizing the entire Artworld. Jim uses this way of simplification to understand and study these matters he find hard to wrap his head around, and to communicate with people that may be in the same space of thought.

20-22 May 2022
@ Vrijpaleis Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam

Opening Hours:
20-22 May 2022: 11.00 – 21.00 hrs
Free entrance

Marian Cramer Projects

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